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Making Payments

How do I send money to my Lumon account?

You can pay money into your Lumon account by making a bank transfer. If you have booked a foreign exchange transaction with Lumon, the bank details will be on your transaction confirmation. Otherwise, to credit your account, please contact us on +44 (0)20 3384 7280. When making a payment to Lumon, please make sure to include your client reference number – this will start with either a C or P and will be followed by eight numbers, for example, C12345678.

Do you accept third party credits?

Yes, we can accept funds from a third party into your Lumon account. We may ask you to provide us with documents that prove ownership of these funds.

Why do I need to prove where my money comes from?

When you send a large amount, we might need to see proof of where you got the money you’re sending.

If we do request this information, we’ll need you to provide a document that shows the movement of that money. That might be:

  • a bank statement
  • an investment or savings certificate
  • or a letter from a solicitor confirming you received money from an inheritance, for example.


Am I able to set up regular payments?

Yes, at Lumon we offer a Regular Payment Plan (RPP). This is a scheduled arrangement where you can make periodic payments for foreign currency transactions. It is a convenient and structured method to manage recurring currency exchange needs, such as regular overseas payments or monthly transfers. With an RPP, you can automate your foreign currency transactions, ensuring timely and consistent transfers at predetermined intervals. This helps in streamlining international financial obligations and provides convenience, predictability, and potentially cost savings by avoiding fluctuating exchange rates associated with ad hoc transactions. Note, this is only available for individuals, not corporate clients.

What characters can I include on a payment reference?

Your payment reference can be up to 32 characters. The permitted characters on the SWIFT network are letters, numbers, spaces and the following symbols: / – ? : ( ) . , ‘ +

Can I instruct a payment before I’ve paid money into my Lumon account?

Yes. You can use money already held in your Lumon account or you can arrange to credit your Lumon account at a later date. We will process your payment as soon as there are adequate funds to cover the payment.

I have realised that my payee details are wrong, what should I do?

Please email [email protected] or call us immediately on +44 (0)20 3384 7280. Unfortunately, once a payment has been released we will not be able to update the details. If the details are incorrect we will need to set up a recall to attempt to retrieve the funds.

How do I cancel a payment if I’ve made in error?

If a payment is sent via the SWIFT network we can trace and recall, if required, once the transfer has completed. Please allow us time to set these requests up, and recalls are not guaranteed. We will then keep you updated on the progress of the cancellation.

How will I know my payment has been sent?

Once we release your payment we will send a ‘confirmation of funds paid’ email with the expected delivery date, please be advised that this date is the best possible date and could be subject to change due to banking partners or additional screening

What should I do if the payee hasn’t recieved their payment?

Please contact our payments team at [email protected] or call us on +44 (0)20 3384 7280 and choose the option for payments, and we will investigate this for you.

Why has my payee not received the full amount of money I sent?

Please be aware that payments may be subject to fees charged by intermediary or receiving banks, which are outside of our control.

Why has my payment been returned to my Lumon account?

If your payment is returned, our Customer Success team will email you to advise you of the return of funds with the reasoning provided by the bank. They can then help support you with resending the funds, if required.