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Our customers come to us excited about all sorts of goals. Their stories could help you decide on the overseas payment plans and products you need.

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Buying Property Overseas

It’s a big step

And when it comes to your overseas payments, we’re with you all the way.


Daniel’s story

We helped him buy properties in Dublin while living in the UK.

If I need an urgent transfer, my relationships at Lumon give me confidence it’ll be made as quickly as possible.

Daniel MacAuliffe

Moving overseas

Thinking of relocating?

We've helped thousands of moves go smoothly. Let us do the same for you.


Nigel’s story

“France is heaven,” said Nigel. We helped him make it his home.

The whole thing is done in 10 minutes. Quick, fast, money is in my bank in a matter of hours.

Nigel Heywood

Getting married

Planning a wedding abroad?

You’ve got enough to think about. Let us take overseas payments off your plate.


Rob’s story

A dream overseas wedding became a reality

Lumon made paying for our dream wedding one less thing to worry about

Rob H

Living expenses

Taking care of the day-to-day

Once you’re all settled in, we can help keep things ticking over nicely.


Jane’s story

We helped her move to France and manage her finances once she was out there.

I’m always impressed by the courtesy and friendliness of whoever picks up the phone.

Jane Roper

Home improvements

Tackle that to-do list

A new home inevitably comes with a hundred jobs. The plastering we can’t do. The payments, we can.


Daniel’s story

We helped him send money from the UK to Australia to renovate his home.

Dealing with the same person throughout the process was helpful as they knew everything about my situation.

Daniel Feller


Handled smoothly and carefully

Overseas payments can make inheritances complex. But it’s something we look after all the time


Anna’s story

We helped Anna transfer her inheritance from New Zealand to the UK.

It was all just really clear what we had to do.

Anna Cunningham

Large purchases

Buying something special?

Make overseas payments work for you if you’re considering something a little out of the ordinary.


Meet Tony

We helped Tony purchase a boat from France

The process was made simple and they helped me every step of the way

Tony S

Wealth management

Make the most of your money

We can help find the right overseas payments strategy for you.


Lisa’s story

Here’s how Lisa works with us to manage her finances in Mallorca.

You made me feel like I was your only client!

Lisa Moore

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