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British Pound Sterling to Euro

View the latest live exchange rates for GBP to EUR

Disclaimer: Please note the above rate is a live interbank rate, not the exchange rate we offer, and are for indicative purposes only.
Please contact us for our exchange rates.

Convert Pounds to Euros

We offer competitive exchange rates for your GBP to EUR conversion, so you can save money compared to high-street banks. With access to a dedicated account manager you can discuss your overseas payment goals and they can guide you on your pounds to euros payment and other currency needs.

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Compare Exchange Rates

Lumon offer competitive exchange rates for sterling to euro when compared to the high street banks.
First things first. Let’s talk money. When it comes to GBP to EUR overseas payments, every penny matters. When transferring money with Lumon, our customers can make significant savings compared to the high street banks. See below for our most recent comparison of £50,000 into Euros*.

Euros delivered when selling £50,000

Lloyds Bank
Co-operative Bank

This chart is intended to represent the range of euro outcomes a consumer may achieve on a £50,000 transfer of pounds to euros, inclusive of fees and charges.

Comparison data for the high-street banks utilises pricing data provided under licence from FXC Intelligence (, a specialist benchmarking tool, for transactions in March 2024.

The Lumon rate is calculated by taking the GBPEUR spot rate from 1 March 2024 from the Bank of England ( and then applying the median FX cost percentage across 57 spot GBP to EUR transactions with a value in the range of £25,000-£50,000 performed by Lumon Pay Limited and associated Group Companies (Lumon Risk Management Limited, Lumon FX Europe Limited) for personal customers during March 2024.


What can affect the pound to euro rate?

The pound to euro rate can be influenced by a variety of events. Exchange rates are shifting all the time and can change based on the latest news to what’s trending on social media. The world of overseas payments can sometimes be a little confusing!

This is where we come in. Not only can we convert pounds to euro at competitive exchange rates but we can also give you access to powerful technology and specialists who understand the importance of the human touch. Whether you’re looking to buy a property abroad, pay for a destination wedding, or pay an overseas supplier, we can help make your payments quick and effortless!


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