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We all want overseas payments to be effortless, quick and simple.

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But it’s about so much more

That’s because overseas payments are just a small part of the bigger picture. Whether our customers are looking to buy property, get married or retire; grow their business, merge their business or expand to new territories, they’re motivated by what they want to achieve, not the rates, products and processes involved.

So we focus on goals

Our cutting-edge technology platforms are vitally important. So is our experts’ deep understanding of currency markets. But it’s these things combined with how we understand our customers ambitions that helps us turn overseas payments into achievements, and dreams into realities.

Lumon have provided currency execution and risk management services for the last 10 years. Their service delivery model is to be envied, as they carefully manage risk, make calculations with speed and deliver the exchange in record time.

Manish Shah
Sigma Pharmaceuticals

Technology will never replace the human touch.

How we work

It all starts with listening. We take the time to really get to really know you; where you see yourself in the future, how much risk you’re prepared to take. From there, we design a bespoke service built on our expertise and delivered through our unique combination of people and technology.

Our approach leaves you free to focus on what matters.
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We’ve built a great team

Come and meet some of them. Wherever they work, whatever their role, they’re all dedicated to providing innovative ways to make overseas payments work for you.

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