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Euros delivered when selling £50,000

Lloyds Bank
Co-operative Bank

This chart is intended to represent the range of euro outcomes a consumer may achieve on a £50,000 transfer of pounds to euros, inclusive of fees and charges.

Comparison data for the high-street banks utilises pricing data provided under licence from FXC Intelligence (www.fxcintel.com), a specialist benchmarking tool, for transactions in July 2023.

The Lumon rate is calculated by identifying the average margin across 64 spot GBP to EUR transactions with a value in the range of £25,000-£50,000 performed by Lumon Pay Limited and associated Group Companies (Lumon Risk Management Limited, Lumon FX Europe Limited) for personal customers during July 2023. The margin is calculated using the mid-market rate, obtained from www.exchangerates.org.uk on the day the transaction was performed.

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