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Import/Export risks and costs

The challenge

When you've got goods flowing from one country to another, you can't have disruptions, late arrivals or late payments.


What we do

We work with companies to provide expertise on market moves and an objective sounding board on their hedging strategy.

I would have no hesitation in recommending Lumon to anyone looking for any of the services they provide.

Sarah Leslie

Long term currency risks

The challenge

When you’re dealing with long term contracts, it’s important to have accurate forecasting.


What we do

We’ll work together with you to come up with a bespoke plan for your business.

Working alongside Lumon has been a pleasure and really helpful in getting the best rates for our company.

Separator Spares

Managing costs across currencies

The challenge

From pricing products and services in another country to paying customers, managing costs across borders can be tricky.


What we do

We’ll use all our experience to help you navigate the way through these complexities.

The team provides a very personal and bespoke service to our business which helps us manage our currency risks.

Debbie Lacey
Accountant, Peter Graham Independent Wine Specialists

Acquiring/disposing of assets overseas

The challenge

In the time between knowing you need to buy or sell and making the payment, rates can fluctuate hugely.


What we do

We can help come up with the right strategy for your business to manage this uncertainty.

They provide us with a great all-round service which complements our approach, and we would happily recommend their services

Joanna Marsden
Financial Controller, Whitworth Bros. Ltd

Intercompany currency flows

The challenge

From understanding the treasury policy to the charges of holding multi-currency bank accounts, it’s demanding to move money though a business across borders.


What we do

From understanding the treasury policy to the charges when holding multi-currency bank accounts, it’s demanding to move money though a business across borders.

If we ever have any queries, they are answered quickly, efficiently and are explained in layman's terms.

Sarah Leslie
Accountant, Helios Ventilation Systems

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