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What we offer

Here’s a brief summary of our products and services.

Spot contract

The most common and convenient form of currency exchange. Convert currency immediately at the current exchange rate.

Forward Contract

An agreement to buy a certain amount of currency at the current exchange rate for a date in the future, without having to pay for it all up-front.

Limit Order

After a rate that's not available right now? We'll buy your currency for you automatically once your target exchange rate becomes available.

Stop Loss Order

This sets a level you don't want to trade below. Handy if you’re budgeting and can't afford for your exchange rate to drop beneath a certain level.

Regular Payment Plan (RPP)

We can help keep your Euro bank account topped up by automating your currency transfers. Useful for mortgage payments, pensions and more.

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It was quick and easy. Dealing with the same person throughout was helpful as they knew everything about my situation. Impressed by the speed of the transfer to Australia

Daniel Feller
Moved to Australia in 2020

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It's all here, to help you make more informed decisions about your money.

Overseas payments reports

What we believe will be the focus of the UK, US and Eurozone markets in the coming weeks and months

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Our very latest industry thought leadership and published research on the issues that matter.

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