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IAD and Lumon

IAD have selected to recommend Lumon to our network and clients as our preferred currency partner. We have reviewed the market and see them as offering the best service to our international clients as due to their heritage, expertise and service lead approach supported by leading technology. 

We would encourage you to sign up with Lumon here, take full advantage of the training and support they provide so you can be as successful as possible as a IAD Overseas agent. 

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Read more below on who they are, what they offer to you and your clients, how it works and start earning today. 

Don’t just take our word for it, feel free to review a recent client testimonial: 

Meet LUMON – The European Property Currency Specialist 

LUMON are a currency specialist which has been helping clients achieve their dream of owning European property for over 20 years. There are over 180 Lumon staff based across 7 offices around Europe. 

They offer clients a ‘People led – Tech Enabled’ solution moving money internationally quickly, easily and with the best personalised service for our clients. 

With the wealth of knowledge they have around the buying process, and with bi-lingual teams across Europe who are embedded in the eco-system they are well placed to assist. On top of that they have bank accounts in-country and are regulated to service our clients. 

Say hello to the French Property Currency Specialists 

✓ In 2021 they moved in excess of £3.79 billion for their clients 

✓ Have a dedicated IAD French speaking and based team with a tender averaging over 10 years 

✓ Dealt with over 550 different Notaire offices in 2021 

✓ Through their French based banks have helped manage in excess of €250 million out of France for international vendors 

Lumon are the French property currency specialists. We have been moving money in and out of France for property sales and purchases for well over a decade. 

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What are the benefits working with Lumon for you 

There are many advantages for you as an agent to work with Lumon as your primary foreign exchange partner. This partnership is not just set up for the benefit of your clients, as there are many other reasons why you will quickly find it very useful and beneficial in your role. 

Remuneration bonuses for you 

Introduction bonus 

For every client which you introduce to Lumon, which opens a tradable account, you will be rewarded with a €50 credit, this is even before they complete a transfers. 

So introducing LUMON to 10 clients which open an account would earn you a €500 account opening bonus 

Commission generation 

You generate more revenue through a fixed rate of 0.276% of traded volume paid directly to you, the agent, when your customers trade with us. This commission is generated for a client for life, meaning even if they end up buying in another territory, with another agent or have a currency requirement not related to property – you still earn from your introduction. 

So €250,000 would earn you €690 or €400,000.00 would generate €1,104 and so on. 

For the average sale price an introduction to Lumon could generate you €740 meaning: 

There is also a £50 bonus sent to you every time one of your clients registers for a trading account with us. 

How do you get paid your commission 

LUMON will issue you with your very own ‘LUMON rewards card’ in the post which is a pre-paid card and where both your account opening bonus and commission is sent to. 

This gives you the freedom to spend your commission as you see fit, from filling your card to buying a car – all are possible through working with Lumon. 

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Better client knowledge 

Leveraging Lumon as an extension of your team adds further values over purely financial. This includes knowing your clients situation and financially qualifying their intentions, all through the power of Lumon’s transparent partner portal. 

The insights that we will get when speaking to your clients, especially early on, can help you decide who you should be working with first. 

Clients will tend to be more realistic about their finances when speaking to Lumon and we can relay this information to you to help you spend your time more wisely. Imagine if you have several clients wanting to see the same property on the same day, understanding their situation through Lumon could give you a more informed view as to which client is in a stronger situation to move forward, saving you time. 

Letting you offer a new product set to your customers 

When helping international clients you are normally helping them with more than a house purchase but fulfilling a dream. Meaning pointing them in the direction of other services is very valuable from the post office to the best shops. 

Brining up currency services and offering wider solutions helps you both differentiate against your local competition as well as creating client loyalty, ultimately helping you be more successful selling more houses. 

Expertise and Services 

As a currency partner they can assist with currency market information, allowing you to engage with clients at a greater level. This ranges from training services, currency movements in clients favours and ultimately allowing you to remain present and memorable for clients through their purchase. 

Lumon offer regular training either face to face, online or via documents so that you can feel comfortable and empowered to both recognise an opportunity where their service can help a client and how to introduce them best. This allows you to earn more and ultimately be more successful in your business. 

Constant updates, news, and qualification of your clients 

Whenever someone that you have introduced to Lumon registers for an account, trades, informs them of a delay or any other sort of event, they will endeavour to let you know. 

Communication is key allowing them to be the most value to you as your partner so Lumon try to consider no piece of information too small to share with you so that you can have full visibility. The more you can do this with us as well, the more beneficial the partnership will be! 

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What are the benefits for your clients? 

Lumon as the European Property Currency Specialist are well placed to be of great value to your international clients. Here are some of the most important ones you can use when introducing us to your customers. 

Open an account in minutes 

Clients can register for a free no obligation account with Lumon on the phone, on their website as well via a paper application. These are powered by the leading technologies to give clients access to award winning service quickly and easily. On application they get access to a personalised trader which has been helping clients achieve their goal for an average of over 11 years. 

Clients also get their own platform to manage their currency and payments 24 hours a day 

Lumon have a bi-lingual, France based team on hand to help 

Lumon have bi-lingual teams based across France who have been through this process meaning that with 20 years of experience they can help make the process easy, stress free and quick. They have experience dealing with the legal process having worked with over 550 different Notaires in 2021 and thousands more over the last 20 years. 

The bi-lingual aspect also means that Lumon can deliver high quality multilanguage training to you to increase productivity, sales numbers, and most importantly confidence in speaking about foreign exchange to your clients. 

Offer clients their own E-Wallet to buy and hold funds in nearly 40 currencies 

This will give your clients much more flexibility, allowing them to potentially buy and hold funds prior to it being required for any property sale. French RIBS are provided for ease allowing domestic transfers over international transfers, again making the process easy and quick. 

Highest level of service with thousands of 5-star Feefo reviews 

Lumon offer the highest level of personalised service and have received thousands of 5 star reviews from their clients. 

Value added services 

With 20 years of experience helping clients buy and sell across Europe they have invested in a number of value added service to make this process easier for both the client and yourselves. This ranges from personalised proxy forms for sellers in France, providence de fonds forms for buyers in France to banking draft facilities in Spain. 

Personal transfers at a much lower cost 

Lumon is very happy to be able to offer you your personal trades at cost as part of this partnership. This means that if you were to send funds abroad, we will do so with no fees on our behalf, resulting in the best deal that you would be able to find anywhere on the market. 

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How to start working with Lumon 

  1. To start working with Lumon simply register as a partner by clicking here 
  1. Lumon will issue you with your own Lumon rewards card and invite you to training to know the ‘best practises in working with them’ 
  1. Introduce clients to Lumon 
  1. Start earning commission 

How do you introduce Lumon to a client? 

How to recognise and introduce Lumon’s service to your clients might seem like a hard task at present, but rest assured that it becomes second nature and a very easy add on to your role. Once you learn some of the best practises you will start earning quickly and the rest will come by itself. 

Who can you introduce to Lumon? 

Lumon is in a position to be able to help your buyers, sellers and anyone else that you might come across with a foreign currency exposure. It is important to always assume that we can help any of your clients with any of their currency needs. 

If you have friends or family that are moving or traveling abroad, we can assist them in reaching their currency goals as well. The same applies for anyone you might meet in a property management role, electricians or other trade related positions that would entail cross border payments. 

How do I bring up currency in conversation? 

Here are some examples of how to introduce Lumon’s service to your client: 

‘If I show you the dream property today, are you in a position to put an offer forward now?’ 

‘If you are serious let me introduce you to the French Property Currency Specialists?’ 

‘Let me introduce you to a firm which has been helping a lot of my clients, I’d really encourage you to have a conversation with them. Lots of people have thanked us for the introduction.’ 

‘Now I will introduce you to Lumon who are the French Property Currency specialists, they will reach out and to you about some free options on how to manage your currency transfer.’ 

‘We have a partnership with Lumon who have been helping people move money for property in France for over 22 years. Can I introduce you so you can have a free consultation to know your options?’ 

How do I register a client with Lumon? 

When you would like to introduce Lumon to a client please do so by sending an email using the following template: 

TO: [email protected] 


Please find the details below of CLIENT NAME who are interested in your fantastic service around currency management. 

Their contact details are: 

CLIENT NAME – The team at Lumon are French Property Currency Specialists and have been helping clients for over 22 years now. They have bank accounts and people throughout France and know a lot of the legal teams. I’d encourage you to have a conversation as I’d be surprised if they cannot help you even if you already have a currency service in mind. 

Can I recommend you applying for an account with them in readiness to save time – to register. 

A lot of clients certainly thank us for the introduction thereafter. 

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What do I do if a client says no? 

In some instances clients will say they don’t want to be introduced for a number of reasons. Here are a few of the most frequently mentioned and how to overcome them to help you secure that referral: 

Do Lumon offer the best price? 

‘Clients continually thank me for the introduction’ 

‘I/we continually review the market and they constantly remain the best’ 

‘We have worked with lots of brokers over the decades and Lumon has remained the most constant at providing the best service and price’ 

‘It costs you nothing to open an account and get a comparison – try them’ 

‘I use them personally for a reason’ 

‘You can check on their website since they regularly perform market comparisons:’ 

It is too early to talk to them 

‘No, understanding your buying power is really important’ 

‘It costs nothing and they can keep you updated on opportunities’ 

‘Having that contact in place puts you in the best position later’ 

‘If they could not save you money, they would not be there’ 

I already have a currency provider 

‘Some of our clients have registered with other currency companies too, and yet after comparing to Lumon following our recommendation, it is rare they don’t end up using Lumon. It’s worth taking 5 minutes to speak with them.’ 

‘We have chosen to work with Lumon as they have consistently demonstrated competitive rates of exchange in the market place plus the best service in helping our clients get the most from their budget. Can I put you in contact?’ 

‘As a consumer it is of habitual to compare for flights, insurance, job offers or even estate agents. Why should you not compare your foreign exchange broker as well?’ 

I want to use the bank 

“People have said that to me before, but those that compare their bank to Lumon usually end up thanking me for the introduction to these currency specialists. Having a conversation with them is free and comes with no obligation. 

Would you like to at least learn a little more about them before you make your final decision?” 

After applying these tips it is highly likely that your clients will at least want to have an introductory chat on the phone. 

Once we manage to speak to them, we can do the heavy lifting from there! 

Saying that if you wish to speak to Lumon about how to work with them please reach out to our dedicated IAD team via [email protected] or +33 (2)56 879 934 

How do clients manage clients currency 

We offer many different services, but the ones that will be of most interest to you and your clients will depend on your different objectives, targets and ambitions. This is normally in line with their personal risk appetite and how they wish to manage their currency exposure when they speak to their personal trader, here are some options 

An introduction to some of the currency tools clients use: 

Lumon offer many different services but the ones that will most interest you and your clients will depend on your varying goals, targets, and ambitions. Let’s have a few words about our most important and sought-after ones. 

Spot Contract 

The most common form of currency exchange. A Spot Contract lets the client convert currency immediately at the current exchange rate, making a convenient payment on the same day, where possible. Ideal if all the clients’ money is available and you want to move quickly on something. 

Forward Contract 

Protect yourself against adverse exchange rate movements. A Forward Contract could be ideal if, for example, you have placed a deposit on a house overseas and want to protect yourself against the exchange rate moving against you while waiting to complete. An agreement to buy a certain amount of currency at the current exchange rate for a date in the future, without having to pay for it all up-front. You can lock into an exchange rate for up to 12 months in advance, paying approximately 10% to secure your currency and pay the balance by the date agreed with us. 

Limit Order 

Set a target exchange rate for the future. If after a particular exchange rate, but not available right now, a Limit Order could be just the thing. Once the client’s target exchange rate becomes available it is bought automatically and pay within the timeframe we agreed upfront. This type of contract is great if working to an exact budget, or if the client does not have time to monitor the currency market closely but do want to trade if the rate looking for becomes available. 

Stop Loss Order 

Set a level you don’t want to trade below. A Stop Loss order is ideal if a client cannot afford a purchase if the exchange rate was to drop below a certain level, or again if the client has little time. It means the client knows your worst-case scenario and should this hit, pay within the timeframe we agreed beforehand. 

Regular Payment Plan 

A Regular Payment Plan (RPP) is useful for mortgage payments, pensions and more. Just set up a standing order with your bank to send your currency to us. Perform a currency exchange automatically and send payment through to the clients bank account. Ideal for hassle-free regular transfers, and Lumon do not charge any transfer fees. 

These contract options will be what you will see your clients most regularly using our services for and asking about. It is important for you to be able to quickly explain these contacts without necessarily going in to too much detail before passing them on to our specialist team. 

Sign up 

If you have any questions please feel free to reach out to IAD’s dedicated team at Lumon. 

Call: +44 (0)1494 787488 (UK) or +33 (2)56 879 934 (France) 
Email: [email protected]