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The essential guide to buying a property in Spain

You’ll find everything you need to know and do to enjoy life in España: the processes and costs involved in buying property, what visas you’ll need, paying tax in, what to do about healthcare, and even bringing your family pets with you. All to help everything go as smoothly as possible.
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What can you find
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Perhaps you’re already picturing yourself there with some delicious tapas and a glass of something sparkling. But before that, there’s a fair bit to think about and even more to do. Which is where our definitive guide comes in handy.

Buying a property

  • House-hunting made easier
  • Finding an estate agent
  • Understanding the process
  • British Foreign Office checklist
  • Factor in fees
  • Let’s talk contracts

Getting to know Spain

  • Greetings and manners
  • Eating together
  • Bits and bobs
  • Learning languages

Money, finance and taxes

  • Where do you pay your tax?
  • Who gets what tax?
  • Income tax
  • Social security contributions
  • Best banking options?
  • Make more of your pensions
  • Moving a lump sum


  • Who is eligible for state healthcare?
  • Getting registered
  • Emergency numbers

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