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We can help manage FX risk during the capital call period, or if an Investment Manager exits a portfolio asset. The unsecured credit facilities we offer allow for no initial collateral against short term FX hedges, removing any potential cash drag on the fund. This creates certainty for you and Limited Partners around required capital for investment, as well as expected returns to Limited Partners on exits.

Protecting your Investments

We manage portfolio FX risk, offering transparency to you and your Limited Partners on future exits and distributions. We can provide regular strategy around investment valuations, maximising returns for you and your Limited Partners. We can also optimise tenors on FX contracts to maximise yields on investments.

Our experts can provide clarity on future management fees, which are known for the lifespan of the fund. We can maximise tenors, offering flexible and efficient strategies on FX risk

Jamie Jemmeson
Head of Structured Products

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Spot contracts

The most common and convenient form of currency exchange. Convert currency immediately at the current exchange rate.

Market Orders

An instruction to your account manager that your business requires a specific exchange rate in the future.

Structured products

A popular, flexible tool that's useful in the management of foreign exchange risk.

Flexible Forward Contracts

You can draw down on your currency at any time up to the maturity date of the contract.

Forward Contracts

Fix a price based on the current market rate for buying or selling currencies on a specified date in the future.

International Payments

Make incoming and outgoing payments in different currencies to hundreds of countries across the globe.

One-Cancels-the-Other Order

A pair of orders that are placed simultaneously and linked.

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Our solutions

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Our people’s expertise, combined with our in-depth analysis and powerful tech platforms, mean we can develop precision strategies for share-class portfolio management, and performance fee currency exposures. These are all carefully aligned with your growth projections and appetite for risk. We can also work with you to optimise net income cash flows generated from management activity and protect foreign-denominated investor returns.
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