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Working With Institutional Businesses

Bespoke currency and account solutions for institutional businesses that are designed to help fund managers take control of FX uncertainty.

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Our Human-led Approach to FX Risk Management

Our collaborative approach to FX risk management blends human relationships with market insight for a personal service you can trust. We work in partnership with you to understand your unique pain points and help you make informed data-driven decisions that remove emotions from the equation.

By augmenting this knowledge and empathy with cost-effective solutions, we tailor bespoke risk management strategies that leverage the opportunities presented by FX market volatility – rather than viewing it as a damage limitation exercise.

Taking Control of FX Uncertainty

Fund managers often rely on their prime brokers or custodial banks to manage their FX exposure, relinquishing some control over their portfolio in the process. This deprives them of the flexibility needed to make quick decisions in response to market movements.

By taking control of FX exposure at the portfolio, treasury and investor levels, institutional businesses can uncover hidden costs and seize opportunities for savings on spreads and hedges. That’s why at Lumon we are committed to supporting you to develop a robust and competitively priced strategy that aligns with your objectives – empowering you to be proactive in the face of FX uncertainty.

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Addressing FX Uncertainty With Lumon

Comprehensive FX risk assessment
Bespoke risk management strategy
Hedge execution
Ongoing monitoring

Meet the team

Our dedicated team combines currency market acumen with a relationship-led approach to provide a personal service that will help you take control of your FX exposure.

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