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Our dealers’ collaborative approach to foreign exchange allows us to establish dynamic risk management strategies that align with your unique business requirements, commercial context and risk appetite – supporting financial stability and sustained profitability.
Dedicated FX pro with 10yrs global market experience. Expert in strategic currency management, risk analysis, and revenue growth. Trailblazing strategies, proactive hedging, and tech adoption for optimal client gains.
Lloyd Eagles
Head of corporate dealing - 14 years
15+ yrs FX expert crafting tailored strategies for diverse clients, with CNBC and Bloomberg commentary features. CISI qualified. Guiding diverse sectors at Lumon with proactive hedging.
Jamie Jemmeson
Head of Structured Products - 15 years
18yrs FX journey: from junior to co-founder. Navigated crises, nurtured relationships. Strategic insights for enduring value amid challenges.
Matthew Baker
FX strategy consultant - 18 years
Decade+ in dynamic FX world. Evolved from broker to trader, prioritizing retention, risk support. Adaptable portfolio manager at Lumon, ensuring enduring success.
Anthony Wood
FX Strategy Consultant - 11 years
10yrs FX, empowering clients, simplifying FX, fostering growth. Advocate of clear communication, trust, digital innovation for online excellence.
Thomas Harrington
Corporate FX Dealer - 9 years
12+yrs FX, crafting tailored risk solutions for diverse clients, enabling growth through strong relationships and bespoke strategies.
Billy Lawson
Corporate FX Dealer - 12 years
I leverage currency expertise to aid diverse sectors - renewables, recruitment, produce, retail - managing risk. Proactive hedging for financial protection.
Rumon Ahmed
Senior Currency Strategist - 5 years

Bring personal expertise to your currency needs

Whatever your business requires, our experts can provide support and guidance for a wide range of scenarios. From managing the risks and costs of import and export, to complex multi-company currency flow, we’ll help you get the most from your overseas payments.
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