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When it comes to putting together a plan, we take things step by-step.


We begin by getting an understanding of your business and its foreign exchange requirements.


We develop a bespoke currency risk management strategy together, setting goals and agreeing rates.


Our account managers work with you to choose the right risk management products.


We carry out your overseas payment strategy, reporting back regularly to you on performance.


We work with you to make ongoing adjustments to your strategy, responding to changes in market conditions or your business' needs.

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Lumon have provided currency execution and risk management services for the last 10 years. Their service delivery model is to be envied, as they carefully manage risk, make calculations with speed and deliver the exchange in record time.

Manish Shah
Sigma Pharmaceuticals

Here’s what we offer

Your account manager can help you choose the right products for your business.

Spot contracts

The most common and convenient form of currency exchange. Convert currency immediately at the current exchange rate.

Market Orders

An instruction to your foreign exchange relationship manager that your business requires a specific exchange rate in the future.

Structured products

Foreign exchange derivative products which can give the security of a fixed exchange rate but could also allow you to benefit from positive market movements.

Flexible Forward Contracts

You can draw down on your currency at any time up to the maturity date of the contract.

Forward Contracts

Fix a price based on the current market rate for buying or selling currencies on a specified date in the future.

International Payments

Make incoming and outgoing payments in different currencies to hundreds of countries across the globe.

One-Cancels-the-Other Order

A pair of orders that are placed simultaneously and linked.

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