Spot Contracts

Executing a spot contract allows you to convert currency based on the current exchange rate and make a payment. Exchange rates are constantly changing, and businesses could capitalise by executing a spot contract when there is a favourable market move.

Forward Contracts

If you’re making overseas payments, a Forward Contract lets you fix a price based on the current market rate for buying or selling currencies on a specified date in the future. Forward Contracts are typically used by businesses that have future payments or receipts in foreign currencies, because it protects both your budget and profit margins.

Market Order

A Market Order instructs us that you need a specific exchange rate in the future. As soon as that rate is available, we’ll secure it for the amount you want to exchange. There are two different types of Market Orders:

Limit Orders, which target a specific exchange rate above the current level, versus Stop Loss Orders which specify the minimum exchange rate you’re prepared to trade at.