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How it works: currency exchange 101

A little knowledge goes a long way when managing the impact of exchange rates on your international payments

Combine your understanding of currency exchange with a specialist service

You don’t need to be a currency specialist to successfully manage exchange rates and take control of your international payments. That’s our job, as testified by thousands of satisfied customers who have made the most of their money using Lumon’s personal service. What you do need is a basic understanding of currency exchange, so you can work in partnership with us to make informed decisions about your transfers.

Learn the basics from a Lumon currency specialist

If you’re new to the world of foreign exchange (FX) or want some personalised support, our Client Account Manager Chloe has distilled the basics into an insightful short video – from understanding what the currency market is and the factors that influence it, to the types of products we can help you leverage to shield the value of your international payments from fluctuating exchange rates – such as a forward contract.

Getting acquainted: 4 fundamental components

Exchange rates and the factors that determine them are wide-ranging
To understand exchange rates you must first understand the relationship that determines their price: currency pairs
Before you can start making currency trades you need to prepare properly - from opening a currency account to defining your goals
Hope isn't a strategy when exchanging one currency for another, so be proactive by working with a currency specialist.

Take control of your currency trades with Lumon

You can request a quote with Lumon in a matter of minutes. Once you’re registered with us, you will be assigned a dedicated account manager who will be on hand to support you.

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