Meet Alan & Caroline Jones
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Meet Alan & Caroline Jones

Alan and Caroline have used Lumon to transfer Pounds to Euros from the UK to his bank in France since he was introduced by a French estate agent
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Alan is a retired record label owner from the UK who, having finished his career, decided to make the move across the Channel for an idyllic life in South-West France.
Following an introduction in 2009 by his French estate agent, Alan used Lumon to transfer the funds from the UK to France for the purchase of his property in Lot et Garonne in the Aquitaine region.

It’s very easy, the whole process is done in under 10 minutes. It’s so quick, the money arrives in my bank as promised and you know it’s going to be reliable because it is every time.

Alan Jones

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Having been so impressed with the service of his dedicated Account Manager for the currency exchange when he bought his house in France, Alan continues to use Foreign Currency Direct when making transfers to pay bills and to regularly move his private pension from the UK to France.

Having a dedicated account manager is great. It feels like I’m talking to a friend, but a professional one. My currency broker, Daniel, is friendly, knowledgeable and everything happens exactly as he says it will – he’s never let me down.

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